Fulton Peak aims to identify and acquire off-market and brokered opportunities with significant value-add potential. By leveraging our expansive network, we seek to source multifamily assets that exhibit superior value-add fundamentals through discounts to market, operational mismanagement, and renovation upside. Our diligent, institutional approach serves to mitigate risk while capitalizing on macro-economic/demographic trends and existing inefficiencies to provide our investors and shareholders with superior, risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Criteria

Key Deal Metrics

  • 1970’s Vintage or Newer
  • 3-10 Year Hold Period
  • 14%+ Leveraged IRR
  • 6%+ Cash-on-Cash
  • 1.75x+ Equity Multiple

Market Fundamentals

  • Robust Rent Growth & Stable Occupancy Projections
  • Proximity to Employment Drivers
  • Supply-Constrained Markets
  • Outpaced Population Growth
  • Strong Demogrpahics
  • Proximity to Transportation

Sourcing & Basis

  • Sourced on an Off-Market Basis
  • Fragmented Marketing Process
  • Below Replacement Cost
  • Discount to Comparable Transactions
  • Above-Market Initial Cap Rate

Value-Add Upside

  • Below Market Rents
  • Majority or All Unrenovated Units
  • Subpar Amenity Offerings
  • Long-Term Generational Ownership
  • Non-Institutional Operations
  • Controllable Expense Savings